“The DiscRevolt team is, hands down, the best group to work with. They are fast, they solve problems, and they never find excuses. We have used other companies before, but none with the results and abilities of this team. If you are trying to move your team forward, these guys will make it happen.”

- Stephen Brewster

Sr. Director of Marketing, Integrity Media
“DiscRevolt and their staff is a company that is a rarity in the music business. They actually return phone calls, meet deadlines and think outside of the box, giving unique ways to creatively sell music and market other goods and services. Everyone in the music business should take a look at the way they serve their partners as they are effectively taking steps to move the music business in a new direction. This is a company that everyone will be hearing more about in the months and years to come and one that Lucid Artist will continue to partner with.”

- Greg Lucid

Lucid Artist Management

“I have worked with Mike Shamus and his team at DiscRevolt for a few years now and I must admit that Mike is great at customer service. I know that we at INO Records are not DiscRevolt's only customer, but Mike sure makes us feel that way. He treats us with great respect.

I would highly recommend for any company, not just an entertainment company, to work with DiscRevolt. You will not be disappointed. When working with DiscRevolt, you will be challenged to think more creatively and outside of the box.

- John van der Veen

Director of Sales, INO Records (Now Fair Trade Services)
"The personal customer service I have received from the people at DiscRevolt makes it seem as if they are a part of our band. They go beyond just providing an extremely useful and relevant product for us to distribute. They have been marketing partners and creative collaborators when necessary. We are proud to have this company represent our branding."

- Jared Mahone

"DiscRevolt has provided a digital solution that proved to be secure and yet simple. Mike and Matt Shamus sought to understand our digital needs and in a very short period of time delivered a quality product. In the inaugural launch of the interl’inc YLO Digital Download Card we had minimal customer service issues with most being user error."

- Allan Hardin

“I have worked with the team at DiscRevolt on several different projects, and each time they have impressed me with their hard work, great follow-through and attention to detail. The staff are a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Jenni Shaver

Thomas-Vasquez Entertainment
“The simplicity of the system and the friendliness of the staff... it's been great working with you and I look forward to my next release going through you as well!”

- Keith Michaud

Summer Blanket
“You have provided me with the best and fastest customer service that I have experienced during my time with The RockNRoll Chorus. I would highly recommend DiscRevolt to anyone looking for download cards.”

- Dan Rauchwerk

The RockNRoll Chorus
“I practically shout DiscRevolt’s name from my rooftop!”

- Digmetalworld