Sell Direct to Fans

Sell your music & merch direct to fans from your website.

Why compete with the millions of other artists on 3rd party online stores like iTunes?

The DiscRevolt StoreFront allows you to sell your music and merch direct to fans from your website through a simple and elegant storefront that’s all yours.

Sell your digital albums, physical CDs and any other merch (apparel, vinyl, etc.). We’ll take care of credit card transactions, digital distribution and fulfillment – you just cash your check.


How It Works

We’ll handle the technical stuff so you can do what you do best.

You set your products and prices. We’ll send you a LINK to be used in your website as your "Store" button.

We’ll handle all the technical stuff, including credit card transactions, shipping address and any other info that needs to be collected and we’ll send the customer an after-purchase email receipt. If they have questions or problems they contact us, not you. At the end of the month you’ll receive a detailed sales report along with your sales revenue.

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Since Facebook has become an essential part of how artists connect with their fans, some artists choose Facebook as their primary online site. You work hard to drive fans to your Facebook page and now, both you and your fans can enjoy the convenience of your own full service storefront right on your own Facebook page. Wether it's digital downloads or physical merch, Discrevolt makes it simple for you to sell products directly from your Facebook page.

It is just another way to connect your fans with your music. The store is fully functional and has all of the bells and whistles that your full store will have, and we give it to you for free with purchase of the storefront.

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DiscRevolt keeps 15% of sales revenue to cover credit card transactions, data hosting and transfer fees and all that technical behind-the-scenes stuff.

Along with full online store, we will give you the Facebook version of the store free of charge because we are just cool like that.

If you’re ordering Download Cards, the first month of your StoreFront is free.

We also handle all customer service issues, warehouse your physical products and fulfill all orders so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

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Be selling your music direct to fans in as little as 24 hours.

To get your StoreFront up and running in no time, get started below.

Be sure to email us at when you’re done so we can implement your StoreFront immediately.