Bare Naked Codes

Unique alphanumeric redemption codes provided to you in a simple spreadsheet.

You distribute them however you want. You can email fans when they join your email list, print them on stickers, or anything in between.

Download Cards typically serve as the vehicle to deliver a code to your fans, but Bare Naked Codes give you the power to distribute codes however you want. We’ve seen artists print codes on stickers, hats, t-shirts, planter pots and a million other things.

Bare Naked Codes are just $0.10 each (1,000 code minimum). Of course, your Bare Naked Codes come with your redemption platform where fans will redeem their codes and download your media. Call or email to get started.

Promo Code

A single code, redeemable an unlimited number of times by an unlimited number of fans.

Promo Codes are perfect for song giveaways, EPKs, and other situations where you want the ability to distribute a promo product an unlimited number of times. You choose any alphanumeric “code” you want that fits your campaign. You can use your Promo Code in your social network feeds to drive traffic to your website or distribute it to your mailing list so recipients can download an exclusive song you just recorded.

A Promo Code is just $149 (good for 1,000 downloads). Of course, your Promo Code comes with your redemption platform where fans will redeem the Promo Code and download your media. Call or email to get started.

Black & White Paper Cards

For the value-seeker in all of us.

Black & White Paper Cards are made specifically for vinyl inserts and are a super-affordable option to add professional quality downloads to your vinyl records.

Call or email for pricing for your project.

Data Collection

Get smarter by truly understanding your fans.

The more you know, the better you can laser focus your marketing and increase conversion rates. You have the power to collect any data you want from fans as they redeem your Download Cards. Want to grow your email list? Perfect. We’ll gather the email addresses and provide the data to you in a simple spreadsheet. Then it’s yours to analyze, play with and make the most of.

Some examples of popular data items: email address, SMS text number, birthday, zip code, would you like to join our mailing list?, how’d you hear about us? can literally ask your fans anything you want. What information would help you better understand your fans?

Data collection is completely customizable – please give us a call for pricing for your unique project.

Album Pre-Sales

Pre-sell your album direct to fans from your website.

Album Pre-Sales are just what they sound like – in the weeks and months leading up to an album’s release, an artist may offer an exclusive pre-purchase opportunity for fans. Album Pre-Sales typically allow at least one song to be instantly downloaded by the fan, followed by the full album download on the release date. When the album is released, the fan will receive an email with instruction to download the full album.

Album Pre-Sales may involve tiered packages to satisfy all types of fans (e.g., $10, $25 and $50 package options) and may include physical CDs, t-shirts, vinyl, tickets, or any other merchandise.

Album Pre-Sales take place at the artist’s website where we temporarily redirect the artist’s home page to a splash page, which advertises the pre-sale. Pre-sales are a great way to satisfy fans that demand a direct relationship with their favorite artist.

Give us a call to discuss pricing for your unique project.